The Journey of The Little Prince


The September 30, 1935, the French pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupery, was trying to beat the record time flying between Paris and Saigon.

Due to a breakdown in the motor of his plane, he had to make an emergency landing in the Sahara desert.

While trying to repair it, he is visited by a child dressed in a curious way, who says to come from a very small planet.

The Prince explains his long journey through different planets where he met some strange and interesting characters, each with their own quirks and follies.

The Prince asks many questions; wants to know, he wants to learn what love is, , the friendship, the fear… he wants to understand the crazy world of adults.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry feels identified with the Prince and remembers when he was a kid himself, and did not understand the "grown ups".



Puppets and one actor show

Available in English Catalan, Spanish and French

For kids from 0 to 99


2014 has been the 70th anniversary of the publication of The Little Prince by Antoine de Sanit Exupéry.

It is a universal work, the most sold and translated in the world after the Bible... a book that every child should read, due to the values it transmits.

The reading of this book is recommended by philosophers and teachers, because of the themes we find in it: love, friendship, peace, the protection the planet, tolerance, cultural exchange, the right to education, the value of what it can´t be seen...

What is essential is invisible to the eye… you only can see right with the heart...